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Prodigy’s state-of-the-art program for gang prevention and intervention is built on respected concepts of cognitive-behavioral treatment (CBT) and motivational interviewing (MI). The curriculum utilized provides the most comprehensive approach to gang prevention and intervention in community settings.

The gang prevention and intervention program provides specific gang resistance materials including problem solving skills, clarifying values, dreams and goals, individual self-esteem building, and strength building. Lessons address gang avoidance, substance abuse, refusal and “escape” skills, aggression, anger, violence management, interpersonal communication skills, and effective coping skills for a variety of high-risk situations.

Materials also address bullying, development of emotional intelligence, character education, and similar positive values. Comprehensive gang intervention workbooks address needs and risk factors underlying joining a gang, leaving a gang, gang violence, and the gang mindset. These anti-gang strategies allow adolescents to identify personal risk factors and develop action plans to address them.

Gang member in the streets.



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