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Oftentimes, anger is misunderstood and unrecognized. Adolescents getting to know their anger and confronting it is the first step in effective anger management. The program is primarily designed to help adolescents who get angry too often, become too strongly angry when they are upset, lose control of their anger, or can’t let go of their anger once a situation is resolved. The Anger Management Program utilizes several approaches and curriculums which prevent, contain, and resolve anger issues. The approach used by Prodigy is perhaps most simply described as a straightforward, practical method for changing behavior by changing thinking. Adolescents who suffer from anger and other unhealthy feelings benefit from this approach in the following ways:

  • Enhanced resolution of anger.
  • Reduced frequency of aggressive behavior.
  • Increased ability of adolescents to work a treatment program (if applicable).
  • Teaches practical problem-solving methods.
  • Teaches emotional regulation and responsibility for emotions.
  • Reduces externalizing beliefs and behavioral acting out.
  • Keeps adolescents focused on beliefs that underlie their disturbance.
  • Reveals internal barrier s to change (irrational beliefs related to change).

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